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 Introducing the Intelligent Portable Pillow Massagar, a revolutionary relaxation device designed to emulate the soothing and therapeutic effects of a bamboo massage. This innovative pillow combines cutting-edge technology with the healing principles of bamboo massage to provide a rejuvenating experience anywhere you go.

Featuring state-of-the-art intelligent sensors and meticulously designed contours, this portable pillow adapts to your body’s unique shape, offering a personalized massage experience. The ergonomic bamboo-inspired rollers within the pillow smoothly and comfortably glide over your muscles, replicating the deep-kneading and rolling motions of a skilled massage therapist’s bamboo sticks.

The Intelligent Portable Pillow Massager offers multiple massage modes and intensity levels, allowing you to tailor your session to your preferences. Choose between a relaxing, stress-reducing massage or a therapeutic deep-tissue treatment, all while basking in the warmth of the heated bamboo-like rollers. The device can also be easily customized to target specific areas of tension or discomfort.

Compact, cordless, and rechargeable, you can take this massager with you wherever you go, whether it’s your home, office, or travel. Enjoy the calming and invigorating effects of a bamboo-inspired massage without the need for a spa appointment. Experience deep relaxation, reduced stress, and muscle relief at your convenience with the Intelligent Portable Pillow Massager—your personal, on-the-go spa experience.

Intelligent Portable Pillow Massagar Bamboo Massage

Smart Electric Wire Intelligent Massage Pillow Portable Relaxing Manual Heated High-Quality Full Body Waist Massager

If you’re looking for a way to relieve some muscle pain but don’t have the budget or energy to get a massage, this article has got you covered. Pete Volinos looks at the latest innovations in remote delivery of massage technology – massaging pillows with sound, movement, and heat.

Studies show that massage therapy is effective for many physical and mental conditions. It’s also great for improving body awareness and relaxation. We all know how important relaxation is these days, between work, parenting responsibilities, exercise, and caring for our home.

Product Description

Product Name Lumbar Traction Device
Material ABS + PC
Temperature range 40-50℃
Power 24W
Cotton 4 PCS/CTN,  51.5X27.2 X 51.2CM/10KG
Electric current 2A
Pulse width 125-500MS
Voltage 12V
too good at massages
too good at massages
bamboo massage
bamboo massage
oriental massages
oriental massages

Weight 3.50 kg
Dimensions 520 × 270 × 500 cm

Black gold


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